6 ways to crack CAT with self-preparation


CAT Self-preparation tips

Common Admission Test (CAT) Self-preparation Tips

A high score in your entrance exam is a must to pursue your MBA dream but to get that to happen and how you do it is also important. While most choose to crack that entrance exam by joining coaching institutes, there are some that wish or want to challenge themselves by taking up the task themselves. However, the one question that crosses everyone’s mind before beginning with the preparation is ‘Will I get a high score in my entrance exam and will it be enough to get me through to the top B-schools?’ and it most definitely weighs more on the minds of the ones that wish to prepare themselves without coaching.

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We are bringing you 6 different methods or ways through which you can crack CAT without coaching.

1. Know your exam

The first thing you prepare for is getting to know the exam pattern and syllabus of CAT in detail. Next, a comprehensive plan needs to be in place before you start preparing for the exam. To do this, you need to go through previous years’ question papers and analysis so you can understand the importance of each topic and set your priorities accordingly. Generically the exam is a multiple choice test with main focus on 4 major areas, viz. Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.

2. Right Study Material

There is ample study material available even for those who do not take coaching for CAT. A lot of books, question banks, preparatory books, and sample question papers are available in book stores as well as the online market. Getting the right material is important for systematic studies. Make use of sample question papers and practice papers to understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Some prefect CAT study materials include: 

  • ‘How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT’ by Arun Sharma,
  • ‘Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT’ by Sarvesh Verma, and
  • ‘The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT’ by Nishit Sinha

are some of the books, written by experts, that can be used for self-study and reference. Getting your general knowledge up-to-date is also important. You can go through various newspapers and magazines to do so.

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3. Online Mock Tests

Once you are done with your basic preparation it is necessary for you to take online mock tests to understand where you stand on the ladder of preparation. This analysis is very important as it helps you to change or continue on your path of action accordingly. Start with one to two tests a week initially and then move up to 3-4 tests a week. Note down your silly and common errors in each test you take so you can avoid them in the future. There are a lot of coaching institutes where you can enrol for the test series without attending the CAT classes there.

4. Study Group

Anything can be achieved if you join forces. You can form a little study group where you can bounce off ideas on how to prepare for a particular topic in CAT or which is the best way to deal with a topic, etc. Discussing problems, sharing your queries and strategies helps you prepare better. If your study group has people who have taken up coaching, the better. They get to clear your doubts by getting them answered by experts. Take mock tests and solve practice papers together to better your understanding of a topic.

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5. Buddy up with the internet

Education websites, news websites, and social media groups can be of great help. Articles, sample papers, study materials are available on most of these websites and can be downloaded for free as well. Follow and join different forums and groups related to CAT preparation to always be updated with the latest on CAT.

6. Confidence and Motivation

There is always the tried and tested method to always keep yourself motivated and be confident in your abilities. If you are studying on your own then it is of utmost importance to keep yourself going even if you hit a small hurdle. With a positive outlook and a good attitude you can crack CAT easily.

Hope these tips help you crack CAT and score high!

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