ATMA Sample Papers - Test Papers & Exam Pattern

Here are a few sample questions for ATMA that may help you prepare for the upcoming ATMA 2018 exam:

ATMA sample test

ATMA Sample Test 1

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ATMA sample test

ATMA Sample Test 2

ATMA contains 180 questions spread over 6 sections. In the paper based test, each section is timed separately, whereas there's no such requirement for the online test. Total duration of the test is 3 hours. A negative score of 0.25 point would be given for every incorrect answer. Correct answers would be awarded a one point each.

Following is the structure of ATMA:

No. Section No. of Questions Allotted Time (mins)
I Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30
II Verbal Skills 30 30
III Quantitative Skills 30 30
IV Verbal Skills 30 30
V Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30
VI Quantitative Skills 30 30
   Total 180 180

Note: In the actual test, the same sequence might not be followed.

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