List of IIM Programs | PGP & PGD Programs

After successfully qualifying CAT you can enroll in the prestigious IIM Post Graduate Programs in Management. The different IIM Post Graduate Programs are listed below:

List of IIM Programs

  • Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP): PGP is a two year program in management of all the IIMs aiming to nurture talents among students and enabling them to attain prestigious managerial positions in the global market. The program mostly includes emerging trends in management, conceptual and analytical reasoning, conflict management and effective communication skills.
  • Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM): PGSEM strives to offer management education to technical professionals and nurture them as strong business leaders in the global perspective. PGSEM is conducted in IIM Bangalore which is run under the aegis of the Center for Software and Information Technology Management (CSITM).
  • Post Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management (PGPPM): PGPPM is a two year management program aimed at developing analytical skills, leadership skills in public policy, and creating awareness of the latest trends in policy approaches.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management (PGDCM): PGDCM weaves general management education with Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The curriculum covers the role of ICT in management, understanding ICT enabled enterprise system besides the functional areas of management.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM): PGDM is a two year program with emphasis on specific skills like finance, accounting, marketing and operations.
  • Post Graduate Program in Agri-Business Management (PGP-ABM): PGP-ABM is a two year program preparing students to be business leaders in the field of agriculture, food, agri-business, rural and allied sectors of the economy.
  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM): FPM is a doctoral programme aimed to provide students with skills to identify and research complicated issues in the field of management. Candidates with good academic record and a desire for scholarly contribution take part in this course. Some of the areas of study include Business Policy, Economics, Information Systems, Marketing, and Public Systems.

List of IIM Programs in Management

No. IIM Programs Offered
1 IIM - Ahmedabad PGP & PGP-ABM
2 IIM - Bangalore PGP | PGSEM | PGPPM
4 IIM - Indore PGP & Exe-PGP
5 IIM - Kozhikode PGP
6 IIM - Lucknow PGP & PGP-ABM
7 RGIIM - Shillong PGP

Fellow Program in Management (FPM): Equivalent to PhD

The Fellow Program in Management is offered by the following IIMs,

Indian Institute of Management (IIMs)
IIM - Ahmedabad
IIM - Bangalore
IIM - Calcutta
IIM - Indore
IIM - Lucknow
IIM - Kozhikode

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