MICAT - I 2017: Exam Analysis and Expected Cutoff


MICAT or MICA Admission Test was conducted on Sunday, 11 December 2016, for admission into Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad (MICA). The question paper for the test was the same and so was the order of the questions, the students reported.

There were three sections covered in the test. The breakup of each section is given below.

Section 1Descriptive Test

4 Questions

35 minutes
Section 2Psychometric Test37 Questions25 minutes
Section 3


General Awareness

Verbal Ability

Quantitative Analysis

30 Questions

22 Questions

25 Questions

25 Questions

1 hour 45 minutes

The candidate had to finish one section completely before moving on to the next. The level of difficulty in each section of MICAT was from easy to moderately difficult. There was no negative marking for Section 1 and Section 2 however 0.25 marks were to be cut for every wrong answer in each section of Section 3.

MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis - Descriptive Section

Section 1 - Descriptive

A duration of 35 minutes was set for this section which tested the candidate on their analytical and descriptive writing ability as well as their creative skills. The third question was a debate question where the candidate had to go either for or against the topic given. The instruction for this particular question was 'No marks would be awarded for a neutral viewpoint'.

The above image shows the pictures that were shared in the last question of this section where the candidates had to make a pictorial combination and write a story about it.

Section 2 - Psychometric

The total duration of the Psychometric section was 25 minutes and there were a total of 37 questions in it. The main instruction from MICA for this section was that each candidate had to attempt each question in this section else it would lead to the disqualification of the candidate from the exam. There was no negative marking for this section.

Section 3 - Reasoning, General Awareness, Verbal Ability, and Quantitative Analysis

In the Reasoning section, there were a total of 30 questions which ranged from moderate to difficult in the level of difficulty whereas the verbal reasoning questions were within the range of easy to moderate.

General Awareness section consisted of 22 questions out of which 12 questions were asked on national issues while the remaining 10 were on international topics. Any candidate who had a good knowledge on advertising campaigns, logos, brands and taglines are known to have attempted 10-12 questions of the total 22 with an accuracy of 80%.

The Verbal Ability section carried 25 questions with some questions being on the easy to moderate level of difficulty while the reading comprehension passage was moderately difficult. Candidates are known to have attempted 20 questions out of the total of 25 with about 80% accuracy level.

The Quantitative Analysis section had a total of 25 questions with most of them being on the easy to moderate difficulty level with some being quite tough in terms of difficulty. 20 questions at an accuracy of 85% should be considered a good score.

Expected Cutoff

Any student who clears the Descriptive and Psychometric sections and secures an overall score of about 47-50 should expect a call for the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds.

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