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Rural Management

The popularity of rural management as a specialization with an MBA degree has gained momentum over the last few years. With the changing socio-economic scenario and government policies on rural development, it has been seen that an increasing number of students are opting to work in this field. According to a study by a well-known consulting firm, India's rural economy accounts for almost 50% of its GDP. The idea is to harness resources in the rural areas not only with the purpose of rural welfare and upliftment, but income generation as well.

As the name suggests, rural management involves the application of management principles to the rural sector. This entails planning, organizing and controlling cooperatives and related organizations in the field of agriculture. An MBA in rural management prepares students to take on challenging responsibilities in rural and developmental organizations. They are encouraged to visit rural areas, interact and stay with villagers as a part of their fieldwork, while an organizational internship gives them a hands-on experience of working in a rural setup.

What does a Rural Management course teach?

Courses in rural management may be available in the form of two-year full time postgraduate diploma courses or certificate courses, the duration of which may vary. The curriculum generally involves theory, field work in rural areas, and internships in relevant organizations.

The main topics covered in the course may include some or all of the following:

  • Economic analysis for rural management
  • Rural society and polity
  • Rural livelihood and research methods
  • Development theories and practices
  • Natural resources and sustainability
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Legal environment
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Dairy development
  • Micro-finance
  • International trade
  • Agribusiness
  • E-business for rural enterprises

Career Scope & Job Prospects in Rural Management

After completing an MBA in rural management, students may be placed with appropriate government-owned or sponsored rural development projects, voluntary groups, funding agencies, national or international NGOs.

They may also get an opportunity to work in the banks focusing on rural development such as NABARD or Grameen Bank, or in the field of agribusiness, insurance and micro-finance.

Several agri-based cooperatives employ rural managers, and students can also take up research and advisory positions in public and private organizations or start NGOs of their own.

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Top 10 Colleges/Institutes for Rural Management

No. College/Institute
1 Institute of Rural Management - Anand
2 Xavier Institute of Management - Bhubhaneswar
3 GB Pant Social Science Institute - Allahabad
4 Kalinga School of Rural Management - Bhubhaneswar
5 Tata Institute of Social Sciences - Mumbai
6 Xavier Institute of Social Sciences - Ranchi
7 Institute of Rural Research and Development - Gurgaon
8 XIDAS - Jabalpur
9 Amity School of Rural Management - Noida
10 Institute of Rural Management - Jaipur


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