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India is one of the largest consumer as well as producer of tea in the world, with its Assam tea and Darjeeling tea reputed globally. The tea industry in India is quite well established and offers a refreshing career opportunity for students who are eager to make their mark in this specialized sector. Tea Management courses India will teach you about tea production, quality, tasting, marketing and more. Pursuing theses courses is a good idea for those who have an interest in outdoor life, are physically fit, love to take initiative, have geographic knowledge, leadership and communication skills for dealing with laborers. Tea market sensitivity will be an added bonus. Besides Post Graduate Diploma, you can opt for a Master's Degree or professional certificate courses.

What does a Tea Management course teach?

Course structure and duration may differ, based on the institute or type of program you choose. But here are the important aspects usually taught:

  • History of Tea
  • Tea Selection and Breeding
  • Mineral Nutrition and Fertilizer Management
  • Pruning, Plucking and Shade Management
  • Drainage and Irrigation
  • Weed, Pest and Disease Management
  • Manufacturing Techniques
  • Operational Control
  • Medicinal Properties of Tea
  • Tea Tasting and Blending
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Production Management
  • Information Systems
  • Human Resource Management
  • Labor Laws
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Health Management
  • Tea Economics
  • Total Quality Management
  • Nature Study and Land Survey

Apart from classroom coaching, the course may also comprise intensive field work, assignments, multimedia sessions, off-campus training in tea estates, seminars, personal counseling, computer session, laboratory session, tea tasting session, and more.

To be eligible for Tea Management courses India, you need to be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university and preferably have a decent academic record. Proficiency in English and physical fitness is often desired. Some institutes or courses may have age limits or reservations. You may have to appear for written examinations, and interviews. Psychometric tests or sensory tea tasting may be part of the selection process too.

Tea Management - Careers and Colleges

Career Scope and Job Prospects in Tea Management

Tea associations and tea boards are the major employers. You can work in a number of areas like,

  1. Tea Tasting
  2. Research
  3. Plantation Management
  4. Tea Brokering
  5. Consulting
  6. Auctioning
  7. Processing
  8. Branding
  9. Marketing

Top Colleges/Institutes for Tea Management

1NITM - Darjeeling Tea Research and Management Association
2University of North Bengal - Darjeeling
3Indian Institute of Plantation Management - Bangalore
4Dibrugarh University - Asaam
5Birla Institute of Management & Futuristic Studies - Kolkata
6Dipra's Institute of Professional Studies - Kolkata

Other MBA Specializations in India

  1. Human Resource (HR) Management
  2. Finance Management
  3. Telecom Management
  4. Retail Management
  5. Textile Management
  6. Sports Management
  7. Tourism Management
  8. IT Management
  9. Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
  10. MBA (Entrepreneurship)
  11. Supply Chain Management
  12. Marketing Management
  13. Hospital Management
  14. Facility Management
  15. Fashion Management
  16. Healthcare Management
  17. Communication Management
  18. Export - Import Management

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