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Earned Value Management (EVM) is a process that helps to analyse, plan, collect the cost & measure the performance of a project. This method is capable in integrating scope, schedule and cost in one single system. When applied systematically, Earned Value Management (EVM) offers early warnings about performance difficulties. In addition, Earned Value Management (EVM) also promises to make better the project scope, prevent scope sneak, communicate project to stakeholder in the company and keep working group dedicated for attaining progress.

Earned Value Management Source: http://www.slideshare.net/FloydSaunders/metrics-to-measure-your-project-office

Earned Value Management (EVM) has its drawbacks too, for example, EVM can show a project under budget, or scope completely executed, while in practical terms there may a possibility exist of unhappy customers or an unsuccessful project. Managers can not fully depend on EVM; it’s just another tool of project manager’s toolbox. By extrapolating from the amount of work already put into the project, the project managers can get an estimate on how much resources the project will have used at completion.


An EVM certification would be highly useful for a career as a

  1. Project Manager

  2. Senior Project Manager

  3. Project Management Professional

  4. Risk Professional

  5. Planner

  6. Scheduler

  7. Financial Analyst

  8. Engineer

  9. Information Technology Professional

  10. Procurement and Contracts Staff

  11. Project Executive and Project Staff Member


You can pursue this course if you are a graduate and have some years of work experience in relevant fields such as

  • Program & Project Management

  • Management

  • Financial Analysis

  • Accounting

  • Business Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Information Technology

  • Engineering (all disciplines)

  • Contracts

  • Procurement

  • Acquisitions

  • Earned Value Management (EVM)


  • General Project Management Theory & Project Controls Application: General overview of Project Management; Project Management Processes & Phases; Managing Stakeholders; Project Management Planning; Project Organizations; Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS); Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development & Decomposition; Managing Time & Building Schedules; Critical Paths; Managing Project Scope & Scope Creep; Managing Project Costs; Managing Project Risks; Managing Project Quality; Managing Project Contracts & Subcontracts; Managing Project's Human Resources (Project Staffing); Managing Project's Procurements and Supply Chain; Managing Project's Communications & Reporting; Managing Conflicts on Projects; Soft Skills

  • Project Financials & Controls: Project Financials Concepts, Project Accounting & Project Budgeting, Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) Establishment & Development; Cost Elements; Control Accounts & Work Packages (WP) Establishment, Planning Packages; Establishing Contract Budget Baseline (CBB); Management Reserve (MR); Contingencies

  • Earned Value Concepts, Earned Value Analytics, Earned Value Industry Standards

  • Establishing EVMS Surveillance; EVMS Reporting; Variance Analysis Reports (VARs) & Corrective Action Taking

Top Colleges/Institutes for EVM

Following institutes provide Earned Value Management (EVM) course in India:

1International Institute of Project Management - Chennai
2Earned Value Management Institute in India

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