Assam Education Minister discloses the manipulation in the pass percentage of SEBA Matriculation Exam

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Assam Education Minister discloses the manipulation in the pass percentage of SEBA Matriculation Exam


May 9, 2017, GUWAHATI: The Assam Government came out with a shocking disclosure of how the pass percentage of students who appear in the matriculation exam is manipulated each year to show a good picture of Assam's education system.

It was Assam's Education Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, who came out with the revelation about the manipulation done by the Board of Secondary Education (Assam), in the Assembly.

The Education Minister said, "Yesterday, the SEBA chairman told me that this year 22 per cent of the total students who appeared in matriculation exam have passed. He said - so how much should we make it? Should it be 62 per cent or more? I was completely shocked. He (SEBA chairman) said that we have been doing it every year. Each year, actual pass percentage is 20-25 per cent. We make it above 60 per cent. And every year it is being hiked by one point to show improvement in the results."

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Apparently, a meeting is held by SEBA every year before the results are announced with the then Assam Government and a consensus is taken on the best policy to adopt for increasing the pass percentage.

He also said, "Usually when a student does not pass by a small margin, we give him/her grace mark and it is shown in the mark sheet. But this (manipulation) is hidden grace mark. It is done after the copies are checked and scrutiny is done."

Contrary to the manipulation done in the pass percentage, Himanta Biswa Sarma, said that the checking of papers was done with utmost sincerity by all the teachers and there was no issue on that front.

He also added, "This is a serious matter. That is why I have discussed this in the House to inform the public. If only 20-25 per cent students are actually passing, then where is the society heading? There must be some problem in the system, or teachers, or government, or society as a whole."

He said that the matter will be taken up in the Cabinet and a request has been filed with the Cabinet Speaker, Hitendra Nath Goswami, to form a committee and investigate into the matter.

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