CBSE board to end the revaluation procedure for Std 12th

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            Reports have been running around about the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) scrapping the revaluation process that was modified and introduced in 2014.

            Before, CBSE only allowed revaluation to the level of re-checking and re-addition of marks if left out. Since 2014, the board decided to modify the revaluation policy and open a portal to let the student see their checked answer sheets that were to be delivered as photocopies with 12 subjects initially out of 250 that the board offers. Currently, the candidates are allowed to challenge up to 10 questions in all the subjects by paying Rs. 300 per question.

            This year however after the meeting held in June between the council members, a concern was placed about the growing number of students seeking the facility. The growing number of students asking for a revaluation has increased not only due to the added features to the policy but it can also be credited to a change in eligibility criteria of Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) that gets the students with good scores in esteemed colleges (like IITs) of the country. The JEE eligibility now states that top 20 students of the boards with good JEE Advanced marks will be able to crack any one of the IITs and other top level colleges. Due to this, large numbers of students are now seeking revaluation to avoid losing on the admission.

            According to sources within the board, the total percentage of students seeking this revaluation in 1.8% of the total appeared students, out of which only 0.05% are genuine cases. In almost all the cases, the answer sheets are given to another evaluator which makes the correction level unbalanced. Some students do get higher marks but most of them receive even low marks and end up asking for a redressal which then delays the final results. When asked about the remaining 0.05% genuine cases, the chairman, Mr. RK Chaturvedi told Hindustan Times that a system would be put in place to look into such cases.

            The board initially decided to start this for 12 major subjects, Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, Business Studies to name a few. The process was to be then implemented in all the other subjects that CBSE offers. However, due to lack of manpower and less number of genuine cases, the board has decided to stop this facility and move back to the previous system of rechecking and re-addition. The photocopies of answer sheets would not be provided nor the students will be allowed to challenge the questions.

            RK Chaturvedi also added that the council is looking into making std 10th class board exams compulsory again from 2018 due to the growing demand to shut down the dual system in place. As of now, the students have a choice to either appear in boards or appear in the school exams.

            Only time will tell how this decision effects everyone, what do you think?

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