CBSE Class 10: 3 Language plan will not be implemented before 2019-20

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The Central Board of Secondary Education is not planning to make three languages compulsory for Class 10 Board examination before 2019-2020.

In December 2016, CBSE had clearly pitched the idea of three-language scheme for secondary education to HRD (Human Resource Development) Ministry. The idea was to implement this scheme till Class 10 and it would comprise of any foreign languages as one of the preferences for the students.

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According to Schedule VIII of the Constitution, students will be required to select three Indian languages where English will be one of them. It is to be taken into consideration that all three languages would be main subjects for Class 10 board exams. Furthermore, students can study a non-listed Indian language or a foreign language as a supplementary subject. Currently, CBSE schools only applies this scheme till class 8 so students of Class 10th study only two languages where English is one of them. As stated by a senior official, the proposal won’t apply for batches taking the Class 10 board exams till 2019-20 academic years because the government doesn’t want to bother the students who are already following the current scheme.

The implementation of the three language plan for class 10th board exam will depend on how soon the policy gets finalised. After the policy gets finalised, the schools would require some time when this formula comes into effect because the teachers need to get appointed for the students, who will now get the option of 22 languages.

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