CBSE Class 10 Board Exams to become Mandatory from 2018

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CBSE Exam mandatory from 2018

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has withdrawn its optional policy for class 10th exams and have made it mandatory for students from 2018. The decision was taken on 20 December, Tuesday. The policy to make class 10th board exam optional was decided five years back, students were given the choice to decide whether they want to appear for board conducted finals or not.

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Additionally, the board also decided to make the third language subject mandatory for students up to class 10. CBSE, which runs more than 18,000 schools in India wants that students should also learn a third language like Sanskrit or any of the 22 languages mentioned in the Indian constitution apart from English and Hindi. In many schools, the third language was taught to students till class 8, but the Board wants the students to make it compulsory up to class 10.

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Students who wants to study foreign language might also get a fourth language which will be an elective subject in the curriculum. HRD minister Prakash Javadekar supported this decision.

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The class 10th Board exams in CBSE was made optional by the Congress government to reduce pressure on students but it was seen that students mostly avoided appearing for class 10th Board exam due to their conception that  the school will set easier questions.

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