CBSE Opens Student Pre Exam Counselling Line for Board Exams 2018

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Exam Stress CBSE Counselling 2018


  • Counselling Dates: 1st Feb 2018 to 13th April 2018
  • Centralized Toll Free Access in India: 1800 11 8004
  • Timings for Helpline: 08 AM to 10 PM
  • Tele-counselling sessions for differently-abled students
  • Q&A sessions published in major national newspapers
  • Online queries answered via email and helpline link on
  • The service is provided voluntarily by the counsellors and free of cost

Starting today, Feb 1st 2018, CBSE will be providing its psychological counselling sessions for students, prior to board exams, for the 21st consecutive year. The aim of the counselling session is to overcome examination-related stress. The counselling lines will be open up to 13th April 2018, the last day for CBSE board exams 2018, which ends with the 12th boards.

Students can call a toll-free number 1800 11 8004 from anywhere in the country. More general queries will be answered by operators but students will be connected to principals or trained counsellors in cases dealing with exam-related anxiety or stress. The helpline will be operational from 08 AM to 10 PM every day when this counselling session is open.

CBSE will also be providing, for the ninth year, tele-counselling sessions for differently abled students which will be handled by special educators. The board has also identified experts who will answer queries for students through Q&A columns in major national newspapers in February. Students can also reach out to counsellors online via email at [email protected] and through the CBSE website,, through the micro link Helpline.

The CBSE annual counselling session caters to all students across the country by Principals and trained counsellors from CBSE-affiliated government and private schools, psychologists, and special educators. The service is provided on a voluntary basis and is a free of cost service.

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