Economic Survey 2017-18: India Shines Bright in Education, Poised for Growth

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Beti Padhao Beti Bachao

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, in the Economic Survey 2017-18 he presented in the parliament, yesterday i.e., 29th January, 2018, said that the education sector in India (along with employment and agriculture) will be pivotal and a top and consistent priority for the government. He also said that India is all set to become the leading knowledge economy, with skill development being a major priority for the government.

The Economic Survey has painted a rosy picture for India's education sector with the survey stating that, "Over the medium term, three areas of policy focus stand out: Employment: finding good jobs for the young and burgeoning workforce, especially for women. Education: creating an educated and healthy labor force."

For an inclusive and sustainable growth, the government has also stated, through the survey, that building the state of education will be given topmost priority. This would be done by bridging gender gaps in education, focussing on skill development, and enhancing human capabilities. The Survey also emphasizes the central government's focus on achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-4) for education.

Significant progress, the survey said, has been made in provision of universal primary education, enrolment rates of children in primary and elementary school (especially girls), and completion rates of primary and elementary school education. Along with these, improved Student Classroom Ratio (SCR), Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR), and success of programmes like Beti Padho, Beti Bachao, were also acknowledged.   

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