Education for Slum Kids

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Education for Slum Kids - UTSAH

A well-known child rights agency in Guwahati, UTSAH, launched the ‘Child Protection and Education Programme’ yesterday. It hopes to provide protection and basic education to all the kids living in the slums of Guwahati.

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In collaboration with a city-based coaching institute, the agency plans to build an education and protection centre in one of the busiest areas in Guwahati, Fancy Bazaar.

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Miguel Das Queah, founder of UTSAH and a child rights activist, said, "The initiative will focus on out-of-school children and bring them to the mainstream to government schools. To be led by teachers Jaya Das Chowdhury and Roheema Begum, this initiative will use innovative methods to motivate children to continue their education."

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