Do you feel smart gadgets are villains in your child’s life? Think again!

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smart gadgets and parental control on children preparing for jeeProtecting your child against all kinds of potential risks and hazards is a natural response as a parent. In recent times, a lot has been written and spoken about the ramifications of smartphone culture. Technology has invaded every aspect of our life in a big way. While it is considered more or less acceptable if an adult obsesses with his or her smartphone or tablet; when it comes to children and adolescents, excessive dependence on gadgets is equated with bad parenting.

Especially, if you are a parent of a child who will be appearing for IIT JEE in the coming year, your first instinct is to ban all kind of digital distractions. But by doing so, are you also limiting his or her scope in learning? You may have purchased the best books for IIT JEE for your child’s education, but what about other mediums of learning and instructions?

Take, for instance, Aakash iTutor, a digital learning platform that is benefitting students living in various locations across India. Affordable and scalable, the platform facilitates video-based learning. All the video lectures are pre-recorded and stored in an SD card which can be plugged into devices like smartphone, tabs, and laptops so that students can experience seamless and enriching learning.

Therefore, from the standpoint of learning, smart gadgets, if used in a controlled and responsible way is helpful in the following ways –

Promote Learning through Visual Aid

A wide range of research has revealed that visual aid fosters learning and understanding. This is not entirely surprising since human brain inbuilt to process images faster than text. Especially for science disciplines like Math and Physics, illustrative content aids one's understanding. Complex chapters like thermodynamics, integers, and vectors require the assistance of graphs, illustrations, and pictures.

Encourages Self-paced Learning

The pace at which a child learns varies. While some children can grasp complex problems and numerical quite easily, others need more time to clarify concepts and doubts. So, if your child is using a smart gadget in addition to some of the best books for IIT JEE, he or she can define a specific pace for self- learning. This is suitable for all type of learners with different levels of comprehension and understanding. One can determine their schedule, and through regular assessment, reinforcement and hard work build a solid base for competitive examination like JEE.

Assistance from  Self-help apps

So far we have discussed the academic benefits of smart gadgets. Let us now turn our focus on emotional or psychology benefit of technology. On the digital space, social media has become a big force of influence. While the platform has encouraged people to voice their opinions freely, it has also unleashed a narcissistic culture which can be overwhelming and dangerous after a time.
It is also becoming very difficult to keep your children away social media and smartphones and tablets are the most convenient way children connect to these platforms. Therefore, your role as a parent is to empower your child how to use social media platforms and mobile applications in a responsible way. For example, there are some self-help apps that can teach IIT aspirants to manage time, handle stress and learn new things about self-improvement.

Concluding Thoughts

Technology is not that bad as long as it is consumed in a controlled fashion. This rule applies to children, adolescents as well as adults. However, with it comes to little children and adolescent, parental control is paramount. Use of the digital platform can enable children to add to their understanding; it assists them to complete school projects and provides holistic information.

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As a parent, you have to practice desertion and control. Here are some tips how to you establish boundaries for your teenage daughter or son when it comes to the use of technology and the internet:

Discuss – Reason with your child, tell him or her why you are defining the boundary. Your expectation from your child should be based on reason. Many a time children refuse to listen or rebel because they are not aware of why parents have laid down boundaries for them.

Empower – Empower your child to use technology for self-improvement and betterment. Tell them about the dark side of technology and social media activity. This information is necessary so that your child can make better choices and decision

Timeout – Beyond a certain hour in a day, ensure that your child puts away the gadgets so that he or she can focus on other activities like sleep, peer interaction, outdoor activities, etc.

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