Maharashtra govt revised rules: No more arts quota in FYJC; extra credits reduced for Class 10 students

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Maharashtra government’s previous rule that awarded additional credits to class 10 students of the state-board for outstanding performance in art and culture, have now been revised. Students will now only receive 15 extra credits instead of the original 25.

Furthermore, the 2% reservation that students were granted earlier for admission into Junior colleges through FYJC additions have also been dropped. The reason stated for this revision is that the School Education Department (SED) reported students who scored 100 percent marks had gone up by 5 times the usual. Over 150 students scored 100 percent marks, making it an unrealistic increase in scores. The only students that this rule benefitted were those of the state board, while non-state board students did not get equal footing. This rule amendment is suggested to affect at least 81,000 students belonging to the Maharashtra State board.

This development may make it a bit difficult for Class 10 students to score extra marks in the arts and culture quota. When brought into effect, Maharashtra colleges will now have 1800 extra seats for students of open quota. This new rule will be implemented in the upcoming 2018 SSC exams.


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