CAT 2016: Mismanagement at Exam Centres Reported by Candidates

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CAT 2016: Mismanagement at Exam Centres

Candidates of CAT 2016 reported mismanagement at the exam centres. Apparently there are reports of wrong questions being asked in the CAT 2016 Exam Paper which is said to impact the overall score of the candidate who appeared for the exam. Banned items like shoes and health bands were allowed inside the exam hall, so the reports say. CAT 2016 Convener Prof. Rajendra K Bandi cleared the air regarding these rumours surrounding CAT 2016 exam. There was a statement issued that gave clarification over one such incident of malpractice that was detected and has been reported to the authorities of law and will be dealt with in due course.

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IIM - Bangalore issued a statement that around 2 lakh candidates appeared for CAT 2016 out of the registered 2,30,000. Around 80% candidates appeared for the exam percentage wise. The exam had three sections like last year, viz. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Analysis (QA). The difficulty level this year for CAT was between moderate and difficult.

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A candidate complained (on Quora) that he lost out on time due to shifting of seats during the first session of the exam. There were reports of technical problems during the exam and there was no one present to address the issues faced by the candidates. Many complained of having lost out on time which they could have utilized in solving the paper.

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