CAT 2016 papers might have been leaked.

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CAT 2016 paper which was held on Sunday 4 December 2016 was allegedly leaked yesterday. In recent news, many CAT aspirants are reportedly unhappy with the mismanagement of handling of test centres especially IIM Bangalore. This comes just after a CAT aspirant posted pictures of questions of the online exam on a Facebook group while giving the exam.

CAT Leaked papers

CAT Leaked papers 1

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CAT Leaked papers 3

Many test takers have confirmed that the questions seen in the picture did appear in the afternoon batch of CAT. One good thing was the questions did not appear in the morning slot, other morning batch aspirants confirmed. As seen in the pictures, the picture was posted around 4 pm when the timing of the afternoon slot for CAT 2016 was 2pm-5 pm.

CAT Convenor has accepted the detection of an incident of malpractice in the exam by posting the following message on their website.

CAT Leaked papers 5

The message read: “We wish to inform and assure everyone that the CAT Exam 2016 has concluded successfully. There was one incident of malpractice that was promptly detected and has been dealt with by initiating the due procedure of law. This incident has in no manner compromised the integrity of the Test and the CAT Administration requests you not to pay any heed to rumours or insinuations in this regard.” The note clearly pointed that there would be no retest of CAT 2016. It did not explicitly mention if it was the same incident but even though the main authorities at IIM have not come forward with any confirmation on this malpractice, over 1500 aspirants have already signed the petition to be filed in order to have a retest of the exam.

This comes as a huge hit after 2003 when the 32 page question paper was leaked which led to cancellation of one of the biggest management entrances of India. CAT has reported few glitches over the years since 2009 when the mode of examination was permanently changed to online after which the exam was conducted smoothly for the last two years.  IIM organising committee for CAT takes utmost care when it comes to instructions, rules and regulations to the point that this year students were not allowed to apply mehendi on their hands. Wrist watches, pager, microphone, earphones and digital calculators were banned, let alone mobile phones.  But such occurrence of examination malpractice after so much caution puts the credibility of the examination at stake. Test takers at various centers mentioned that the check up of students by some invigilators was half hearted and many cameras weren’t working which made it easier for some aspirants to use illegal means.

When confronted with candidates on this matter, many felt a retest is due. “This was one person who posted pictures because he didn’t know the answers or he might be just showing off. But then how many such students were allowed phones in the exam halls? It is not fair to all those who prepared for a year with dedication and instead these people would get to sit in IIMs” said a candidate on the condition of anonymity.

Not only this, the aspirants were taken off guard when the maximum marks that can be obtained in CAT changed to 100. There was no confusion till the morning of the examination about the exam pattern in fact, the instructions did not suggest otherwise until the paper actually started. The marking scheme changed from +3 for each right answer to +1, reducing the maximum arks that can be scored by 3 times. The previous pattern was as follows:

Right answer (MCQ and Non MCQ): +3
Wrong answer (Except non MCQ): -1
Un attempted question: 0
Total marks obtainable: 300

The changed pattern which appeared later during the exam is as follows:

Right answer (MCQ and Non MCQ): +1
Wrong answer (Except non MCQ): -0.33
Un attempted question: 0
Total marks obtainable: 100

This change in pattern will not effect on the candidate’s percentile however it has left many aspirants in the state of anxiety. Many students also claimed that one question in the Quantitative Analysis section was wrong and a technical glitch may have led the symbol of square root to change into that of Pi confusing the test takers even further.

CAT is considered as the most difficult management entrances in the country but if such allegations and occurrences are in fact true then the credibility of the exam might be in danger.

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