IIMs to introduce FPM to train reserved category faculty

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A suggestion from the Central Government got the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) community to bring in candidates from the reserved category as faculty in IIMs.

The IIM community is not too happy with the decision. They feel that the Central Government is interfering in the workings of an autonomous institution. However, on Tuesday, at the 4th Pan-IIM World Management Conference, which was held at IIM Ahmedabad, an effort in the positive direction was seen coming from the IIM community. The effort was seen supporting the Government's decision to reserve a place for the socially and economically backward sections of society in the IIMs.

Under the direction of the HRD Ministry, IIM Raipur recently went ahead and introduced Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) to train and educate candidates that belong to SC/ST.

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IIM Faculty: Reservation for SC/ST/OBC

The IIMs are in a frenzy and this directive of the Government has created a nationwide stir. The HRD Ministry has stated that the IIMs are to adopt the reservation policy now, which recruits faculty of the socio-economically backward class. In spite of 19 IIMs spread across the country, directors of only 11 IIMs participated in the World Management Conference that was held at IIM Ahmedabad on Tuesday.

4th Pan-IIM World Management Conference - IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Kashipur Director, Gautam Sinha
, came out in support of the reservation policy directive by the Government and in the future will induct candidates of the reserved category as faculty.

He said, "We have just embarked on a special drive to bring in SC/ST doctoral students into the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) and while they (students) are doing their FPM, we would also train them, develop them to become faculty in the IIM system, so this has just started." He also added that, "Five years down the line we will find its results. When we sit together and discuss it may be a small thing, this is not rocket science and this was always on the cards on how to bring these people on board. We said we will bring them in as FPM scholars and also while they are doing their PhD research we will nurture them specifically to become faculties at IIMs. These are things that get shared so others can also know."

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IIM: Grooming and Training the Faculty

Although quite a few IIMs are against or skeptical about this decision of the Government, there are some IIMs that support the decision and may introduce a collaborative Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) for the SC/ST candidates and train them to become faculties at IIM.

Earlier, Ashish Nanda, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, had said that the reservation policy was just a suggestion from the HRD Ministry however, at 4th Pan-IIM World Management Conference, held on Tuesday, he mentioned that IIM Ahmedabad was open to this decision and that they will coordinate with other IIMs in this respect as well.

He said, "So they (IIM-Kashipur) are starting that (special drive for SC/STs) and we will learn from them and see how that grows. We are very much aware that diverse faculty that has had different life experiences teaching our students. We particularly want to make sure that people who are socio-economically backward from the margins be in the classroom and share their knowledge to students. Each IIM is committed to encouraging people from all weaker backgrounds and underrepresented minorities while maintaining the highest quality standards."

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