MBAs and BTechs Looking For Sweeper Jobs in UP

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MBA and BTech Graduates unemployed - Looking for sweeper jobs

Allahabad: Ever heard of an engineer or an MBA cleaning drains? No? Well it is happening right here in India. MBA graduates, B.Tech graduates and other postgraduates are are among those 1+ lakh people who are taking the practical exam to join the Allahabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) as contractual sweepers (Safai Karmacharis). The process is expected to take over 400 days given the large number of applicants for this job.

Since the UP Assembly Elections are around the corner, there could be a further delay in application processing work of these MBA, B.Tech and other applicants. There are 119 vacancies in Allahabad alone and around 100 in each district in UP. These applicants are competing for these vacancies. To be able to read and write in Hindi is the minimum qualification required to apply for this job. With such a minimum qualification, MBAs and B.Techs are applying for this job.

250 candidates are called for screening by AMC every day. O.P.Srivastava, Additional Municipal Commissioner said, 'A large number of unemployed, highly qualified youngsters have applied for the job. The number of applicants has increased to 1.10 lakh. A minimum of 408 working days, or around two years, are required to complete the practical examination process.'

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