Moderation in Admission Criteria for Top B-Schools Accepting CAT 2016 Scores

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The admission criteria has changed for admission to PGP 2017-19 courses in Faculty of Management Studies Delhi and various IIMs of the country. A high CAT score may not be the only ticket to success to get into one of these esteemed institutes.The institutions are going to give weightage to individual profile of the candidates which will be considered during the shortlisting and final screening process.

CAT 2016 new admission criteria

Recently the pattern for CAT exam has also been revamped so that the aspirants from non-engineering background  who have good academic records as well as writing and speaking skills and relevant work experience can get into IIMs as well.If you have excellent scores in class X and XII then getting into any of the IIMs might not be a big task. Check out the admission criteria to the main IIMs of the country below:

IIM Ahmedabad Admission Criteria:

IIM Ahmedabad has reduced its qualifying sectional percentage by 10%, previously it was 80% which is now reduced to 70% so that the non-engineers can also get a fair chance in the admission. A high weightage of 30% will be awarded to class X and XII scores. The Final Composite Score (FCS)  for candidates who have appeared for Academic Writing Test (AWT) and Personal Interview (PI) will be calculated as follows: FCS = 0.50 (Normalised PI Score) + 0.10 (Normalised AWT Score) + 0.40 (CS). The final ranking is based on many other factors like performance in CAT, AWT and PI, co-curricular achievements and job experience.

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IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria:

IIM Bangalore has declared that the institution will give only 40% weightage to CAT 2016 scores while the rest 60% weightage will be based on academic, extra carricular and job experience. 2% weightage will be awarded to female students who qualifies to crack CAT and meet the other admission criteria too.

IIM Calcutta Admission Criteria

IIM Calcutta has totally revised the admission criteria for CAT 2016. In the Personal Interview round, only 28 out of 50 marks will be reserved for CAT scores. Last year the weightage was 67% but this year, it has been reduced to 56% only. On the other hand, IIM Calcutta has increased the weightage percentage score of class XII marks from 30% to 40%, so on a scale of 50,CAT 2016 score will be awarded a weightage of 15 points, Personal Interview (PI) – 24 points, Written Ability Test (WAT) – 5 points, Academic diversity – 2 points, and Work experience – 4 points.

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IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria

The CAT score weightage has been reduced to 60% this year at IIM-L, rest will be divided to 20% to academics, 10% to work experience, 5% to academic diversity and 5% to gender diversity. This division is made particularly for the PGP courses

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria

IIM Kozhikode will give 75% weightage to CAT score while the rest 25% will be divided among academic profile, work experience, gender and academic diversity.

FMS Delhi Admission Criteria

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi has declared that apart from scoring a high overall CAT percentage, candidates also need to have good sectional percentage in CAT 2016 in order to qualify for the final round.

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Seeing the recent changes, it is quiet evident that a 100 percentile score in CAT cannot guarantee your admission in IIM. You need to have good overall percentage includes your academics in class X and XII, extra carricular work and job experience.

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