Mumbai girl with cerebral palsy scores 88% in Maharashtra Class X results; manages an unbelievable feat after exams

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Mumbai girl with cerebral palsy scores 88% in Maharashtra Class X results; manages an unbelievable feat after exams

Grit and determination are said to play the biggest part in ones success. That is exactly what got Drashti Dhruv, from Mumbai, through to a brilliant score of 88% in her Maharashtra SSC/Class X Board results. Drashti was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (neurological condition with difficulty in movement) since birth but that did not deter her from achieving her goals and dreams. If that is not inspiring enough, after her exams, Drashti climbed 3500 steps of Shatrunjaya Hills 99 times in about 40 days for a Jain community festival.

For someone who has been coping with cerebral palsy since birth, not being able to hold a pen or writer properly, this is an admirable feat.

Drashti, who is a student of Swami Vivekanand International School, Kandivli, said, “I am happy with my marks, it was more than I expected. The board allowed me to take help from a writer during exams. I feel good to have challenged myself.”

When it came to studies she recorded the lectures on her mobile phone so she could revise and understand the lesson as per her convenience. Drashti's father, Vijay Dhruv, said, “She was confident that her hard work will pay off and she will score above 80%.”

An almost perfect score of 98/100 in Mathematics and 90/100 in Social Sciences, Drashti showed excellence.

In her summer holidays post exams she spent time in special camps, Nuvanu Yatras (99 journeys) that is organized by the Jain community for children. The yatra begins at 5 am with one meal in the afternoon and boiled water from sunrise to sunset.

She began the yatra at 4.30 am everyday and got done at 1.30 pm. One of the camp attendants assisted her in walking from the rest house to the temple.

An ecstatic father said, “We are extremely proud of her, she is stronger than all of us."

Although her future plans are not all that clear, her parents said that Drashti will mostly take up Science.

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