No student to be declared “Failed” in MSE

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The Maharashtra State Council of Examinations (MSCE) has introduced some major changes to the Maharashtra School Scholarship Exam to be held in March 2017. The MSCE will no longer declare the result of a student as “Passed” or “Failed” on the mark sheets but instead will use the terms “Eligible” or “Ineligible” for the scholarships. This comes after a recent meeting held by the board where experts suggested the change as the label “Fail” demotivates the student. Also, the eligibility threshold marks has been increased from 35% to 40%.

            The government also mentioned a change in the eligibility criteria of the students applying for the scholarship. The class standard for secondary and higher secondary merit based scholarships would now be from std 5th and std 8th only.  Earlier, the eligibility was students from std 4th and std 7th only. Age-limit for students appearing for the tests has also been revised in accordance with the changes. For pre-upper primary exam (Class 5), candidates should not be older than 11 years (as of June 1) and 14 years for pre-higher secondary exam (Class 8). However, this change would be implemented next year.

            The MSCE board has also made it open for students from all the boards to participate in this examination. This has led to a division of opinions between schools. Some feel appearance in the examination will give the children additional practice whereas others hope for an examination which will give a more detailed analysis of the child’s performance.

            This year, the board also suggested change in the question pattern of the paper. The examination will have a new syllabus and the questions will be more application based MCQs than theoretical subjective answers. You can find further details regarding the syllabus and the list of eligibility criteria here:

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