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In an unprecedented episode of social welfare, a group of Indian students who have worked on grass roots level social projects will present their propositions to international emissaries and policy-makers at the UN headquarters. The program is a component of the larger Future Leaders initiative of 1M1B, an Indian non-profit organisation, which aims to train one million young entrepreneurs for creating jobs for a billion people.

Following a curriculum, that was a part of the fellowship programme which lasted six months, 1M1B hand-picked 10 students who will represent India at the United Nations headquarters in New York on March 19.

Furthermore, the top three students among the selected ten will present their thoughts by shedding light on their respective projects before a gathering of diplomats and media representatives.

The co-founder of 1M1B, Mr. Manav Subodh mentioned how the 17 goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) required people, especially young people, to drive action towards their fulfillment by the year 2030 and stressed on the fact that today, more so than any other point in time the UN requires ambassadorship and action by young people towards the UN SDGs.

He further highlighted fact that Future Leaders programme of 1M1B was a job-creation and income enhancement initiative aligned to the UN SDG, who also sought to give a global stage to future difference-makers.

As a part of the fellowship programme, promising students are singled out, congratulated and given access to high impact development projects.

One of the projects, The Project Fresh Start (TPFS), which was headed by Nikita Nambiar (14) of The International School Bangalore, sought to empower incarcerated women, socially and financially, by helping them stay out of prison, and become productive community members.

As a part of the aforementioned project, ten women inmates of the Tumkur Central Jail are being trained in the art of making Tanjore paintings by a professional artist.

Nambiar intends to auction off these paintings in a charity event later on and forward the proceeds to the women.

Another selected project named Divyang, which is an initiative by Sanjana Tarigopula (14), seeks to promote awareness on autism and hopes to provide aid for caregivers, friends and family of patients.

To this end, she has created an app that provides access to autism-related research to create awareness within support groups, and also showcases the varied talents of people who suffer from autism.

The program got underway in August 2017 in partnership with The International School of Bangalore (TISB). Shortlisted candidates were called for a panel interview following which the members were chosen.

The 1M1B Future Influencers programme will be formally introduced to the world at the UN on March 19.

After the first cohort from India, the programme will open up for participants from other schools and countries, including the US, Kenya and Vietnam.

More than 100 Future Influencers are expected to participate in the grand finale of the event in October 2018 at the UN Headquarters in New York.

1M1B focuses on youth and women from ages 18-25 in the most underserved parts of the world.

The initiative helps build enterprises and undertakes initiatives for income enhancement in underprivileged communities by engaging urban leaders and start-ups.

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