SEBA: Class 10 Answer Sheets to be digitally evaluated

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SEBA Digital Evaluation of Class 10 Answer Sheets

The Board of Secondary Education, Assam, SEBA, for the very first time, will be evaluating answer sheets of Class X Board exam candidates digitally this year.

Although General Mathematics will be the only paper to be digitally evaluated this year, the SEBA officials hope this method of evaluation is introduced for other papers as well in the future.

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The advantages of this method of evaluation are that once the answer sheets are digitized, fires or misplacement of answer sheets will not be a problem anymore. Moreover, evaluation will be foolproof and the answer sheets can be used for future reference as well.

SEBA's Controller of Examinations, Nayan Jyoti Sarmah, said, "Digital evaluation is a major initiative in SEBA's history. Each and every page of the General Mathematics answer scripts of all candidates this year will be preserved digitally and evaluation will be done on computers, on the scanned scripts." He also said that each person involved in the digital evaluation process needs to be sincere in his work.

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It is expected that around 4 lakh candidates will appear for the Class 10 exams this year. Also, General Mathematics is a mandatory subject. Digital evaluation is expected to be less time-consuming too.

However, the digital evaluation process seems to be an expensive one according to a SEBA official and the continuation of this method would involve government support in terms of funds. Nayan Jyoti Sarmah also said, "Manually, 25 to 30 answer scripts can be evaluated per day, but, online, around 40 scripts can be checked daily."

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