Students preparing for Board exams struggling to keep their mobile phones away

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Mental health experts in the cities see an increase in the number of students who are struggling to keep their mobile phones away while preparing for their Board exams. Children are easily distracted by gadgets and they tend to check social media every now and then. As more and more children are finding it difficult to concentrate on studies, counselling centres like the Tata Institute of Social Sciences are receiving too many anxiety calls.

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Top psychiatrists in the cities are warning parents not to force their children to give up mobile phone, instead they must make them understand how the addiction could affect their memory. Some children get a lot of study materials from the mobile internet and stay in touch with friends to discuss doubts related to studies. It is important for parents to maintain a balance between letting their children use the smartphones and restricting it.

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Children could react negatively if they are forced to give up their mobiles hence it is important for parents to interact in the right way. It is advisable to seek professional help in case the matter seems to be very serious. Parents can also take help of some online tools to help children use their time productively.

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