For the very first time, Mumbai and New Delhi rank in the top 100 student-friendly cities in the world

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Mumbai Top 100 student friendly destinations

In a first for India and Indian students, the cities of Mumbai and New Delhi have been ranked among the top 100 cities in the world for students according to QS Best Student Cities ranking that was released yesterday, i.e. February 15, 2017. This year Montreal is ranked first in the QS list. Paris dropped down to the second place after having topped the list consecutively since 2012.

The performance indicators for QS cities analysis are affordability, desirability, student mix, rankings, employer activity, and, introducing student view as the sixth indicator. This year the ranking was expanded from 75 cities to 100.

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Mumbai is ranked 85th and New Delhi at 86th in the top 100 list. Mumbai is the highest ranked Indian city in this list followed by New Delhi making them the only two Indian cities to feature in world rankings.

Affordability and employer activity are two performance indicators wherein Mumbai and New Delhi have scored well. New Delhi ranks at 15 for affordability and 50 for employer activity whereas Mumbai ranks at 30 and 40 respectively.

Head of Research (QS), Ben Sowter said “New Delhi and Mumbai are featured for the first time in our ranking. Both cities do really well in the affordability indicator and reasonably well in the employer activity indicator, based on the opinion of local and international employers surveyed (37,000 recruiters surveyed globally) who are asked to indicate which universities produce the best graduates based on their knowledge and experience. We have ranked the most attractive cities for international students and while the two leading Indian metro cities are certainly on the map, given the huge domestic demand of university places, the focus is principally on serving local students.”

In the desirability index Mumbai ranks at 90 with New Delhi at 91. Desirability includes various factors related to quality of life, which in turn includes pollution, corruption, and safety.

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The top 5 student-friendly cities in Asia happen to be Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe. Boston ranks as the best city in the US and 8th best across the globe. London jumps two places to No. 3 and is the best city in the UK for students. Due to the recent political events that took place across US, Canadian cities performed really well on these metrics. Vancouver is placed at 10th with Montreal stealing the 1st place. 125 cities were analyzed and based on their performance in each indicator, the top 100 list was published.

This year a new performance indicator was also introduced, i.e. student view. 18,000 survey responses of students were taken into consideration. The students' responses were based on the cities in which they are most like to study (student desirability), willingness to remain in the city after graduation, and the quality of their experiences in the city. Mumbai is placed at 74 while New Delhi ranks at 82 for this performance index.

The QS top 10 student-friendly cities in the world is given below.

3LondonUnited Kingdom
4SeoulSouth Korea

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