France seeking to allure Indian students who want to study abroad

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France study abroad

Upset over UK’s Brexit and President of US, Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies, students from India who are preparing to study abroad can be happy now because France wants to augment its number of Indian students for higher education. Their target is to bring in 10,000 Indian students by 2020. There were over 4000 Indian students who pursued their higher studies in 2016.

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Ranking third among the list of most innovative countries, France is less expensive when it comes to education. Education in France is less expensive than the education provided in United States and United Kingdom.

French Ambassador Alexandre Ziegler says “India is a major strategic partner for France and we consider that student mobility is an essential leverage for greater exchanges between our two countries. We are committed to keeping our doors wide open to Indian students and providing them with the best educational opportunities”.

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There are a plenty of top universities in France such as Rennes School of Business, ESSEC Business school, ENAC and Ecole Central (Lille and Nantes). A French government service called Campus France India is bringing in well-known institutes from France to cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Indore so that there can be a connection established with the Indian students. The French officials are also planning to organize a PhD tour for holding up discussions with the representatives from French universities and the students who want to pursue PhD. The representatives will be coming from 30 French institutions including from specific law schools, b-schools, design schools etc.   

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