H-1B Visa compels Indian students to look for nations apart from US

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Indian students who are eager to pursue their higher studies in the United States are in a state of worry as legislation about H-1B visa norms has been set up in the US House of representatives. H-1B visa is a non immigrant visa and it is intended for the US employers to recruit non immigrants into their company for a specific period of time. 

India has seen a huge spike when it comes in the number of students from India who are looking for studying abroad and in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Ireland. CEO of Univariety, Jaideep Gupta says that the quality of education in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand is on the same level to that of the US.

The legislation which was introduced in the month of January, says that the minimum salary for H-1B visa holders will be doubled and this will turn out to be difficult for US companies to recruit workers from overseas, including Indian IT professionals.

Education specialists, the Chopras, say that there are over 100 students from India every day who are seeking to apply for other countries as backup options. For instance, Bhishmaraj Joshi, an engineering student in the US, is aiming for Canada for his further studies after the legislation was introduced. The Chopras also point out that the drawback is major for students who look for scholarships because US provides a lot of best quality scholarships.

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One of the best academies in Pune, Dilip Oak’s Academy, is known for test preparations for studying abroad. They say that students should stop worrying because US President, Donald Trump has not yet decided to terminate H-1B visas. They are just resolutions that were proposed by a couple of senators, just like before. This issue will be discussed in the Senate and the Congress. Several Congressman and Senators will imply to make some changes to the resolution.

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