Israel surfacing as the new centre for international education for Indian students

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India Israel Education Ties

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is on a six-day visit to India and education ties between the two countries is one of the top agendas on the list. Indian and Israeli universities are set to sign 15 MoUs between each other that will promote faculty exchange and bring the two countries together in the field of research.

The MoUs that are to be signed between the universities and educational institutes are categorized into general and unique. Minister Counselor, Head of Public Diplomacy, Embassy of Israel, Ditza Froim said, "The focus of general MoUs will be more towards faculty exchange. There are 15 MoUs in the pipeline between Israeli education institutions and some of the top Indian universities like Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mumbai University and OP Jindal University among others."

She further added, "By unique MoUs, we mean the ones that are related to promoting joint research between the two countries. In 2013, a joint research program was started between the two countries under which researchers from both nations joined hands to work in areas of Life Sciences and Chemistry. The idea now is to further strengthen the research program in areas like agriculture, food security and entrepreneurship and give more grants to students."

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For Indian students who want to pursue higher studies or research in Science, Israel is seen as a favourite among them. Since 2014, around 400 Indian students, under the joint research program, have been awarded with the post-doctoral fellowship.

With the help of these MoUs, faculty exchange between the two countries could get easier.

Senior Coordinator from Committee for Higher Education, Israel, Yoav Taubman said, "We have seen a large number of Indian students come to Israel to pursue their research. Most of them come for Life Sciences and Chemistry because of the quality of research and infrastructure available to students. The Israeli government is also promoting this in a big way by granting funds to students along with the University Grants Commission."

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One of the most popular programs among Indian students is the fully funded conflict resolution program offered by Bar-Ilan University. Indian students even opt for summer programs in Israel which are short-term in nature and are available in multiple disciplines.

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