THE Best Law Universities: World University Rankings 2018 Released

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Times Higher Education has released the World University Rankings 2018 for the best law universities across the globe. Duke University in the United States tops the list. Out of the top ten law universities across the world, 5 of them are from the United States while others belong to United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

The ranking was determined on the basis of parameters like number of full-time students, gender ratio, number of students per staff and international students enrolled at the university.

India unfortunately does not feature in the top 100 list.


Here is the top 20 list of the best law universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education - World University Rankings 2018.

Rank University Country
1 Duke University USA
2 Stanford University USA
3 Yale University USA
4 University of Chicago USA
5 University of Cambridge UK
6 University of Oxford UK
7 University of Melbourne Australia
8 University College London UK
9 Harvard University USA
10 University of Toronto Canada
11 University of Pennsylvania USA
12 New York University USA
13 McGill University Canada
14 University of Edinburgh UK
15 University of Michigan USA
16 University of British Columbia Canada
17 Columbia University USA
18 University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
19 University of California, Berkeley USA
20 Leiden University Netherlands

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