Tribal Girl from MP set to study in an Oxford school

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Tribal girl from MP set to go to an Oxford school

Asha Gond from Janwaar district in Madhya Pradesh, India; Image Courtesy:


Janwaar, Madhya Pradesh: Dreams can become reality if you push and try hard enough. This is exactly what happened to 16 year old Asha Gond from Janwaar district in Madhya Pradesh. She is now going to an Oxford school to study the language she has developed a keen interest in. Asha developed a liking towards the English language with a lot of assistance and motivation from a German lady, Ulrike Reinhard, who teaches children like Asha the English language and also skating through the skate park built by her in the same district, Janwaar.

Asha says that she is quite excited to go abroad to study English and wants to make the most of this opportunity. While recounting this story, Ulrike said that it was not all that easy to be able to send Asha to Britain since it took a lot of convincing her parents to send her abroad. Being a tribal girl and a part of a tradition that marries off girls once they turn 18, sending their girl to a foreign land was completely new and unheard of for Asha’s parents. However, Ulrike along with the MLA of Panna constituency, Lokendra Pratap Singh and Asha’s teacher, Awadh Bihari, managed to convince them after months of pursuit. Both Ulrike and Asha cried tears of joy after hearing the good news.

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Once her passport formalities are complete, Asha will be able to go to Britain to study and once she is back she plans to keep reading English and imparting her knowledge to other children in her village and encouraging them to do the same. Her parents have also agreed to let her study further and not marry her off once she is back.

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