Unbelievable! The Questions asked in "Talent Search" GK Quiz for Class I Students

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Karnataka ICSE Schools Association KISA Class 1 Talent SearchThe question bank shared by the Karnataka ICSE Schools Association among Class 1 students, to prepare for a "Talent Search Examination" 2016 - 2017; Image courtesy: twitter.com/spicy_words

Bengaluru: Who's the new President of Tanzania? What is Chapala? With which country has Nepal signed an MoU to ease the fuel crisis? No, these are not questions from the GK section of a bank exam or the UPSC exam. Instead, these are part of the "question bank" that the Karnataka ICSE Schools Association (KISA) has released for Class 1 students to help them prepare for the Talent Search Examination, 2016 - 2017 whose first phase was held on 1 September and the second phase will be held on 9 September. This was pointed out on Twitter by Sahana Rao, the mother of one of these Standard I kids.

We're amazed at the difficulty level of these questions. And the fact that these are intended for 6 year olds. KISA should relax and let the tiny tots just be!

Here are 20 questions from this question bank. We bet you won't be able to answer more than 2 out of these!

1 Name the winner of the New 1 York Global Leaders Dialogue Humanitarian Award 2015 ?
a. Dinesh Srivastava b. Bindeshwar Pathak c. Pravendra Desai d. S Swamy

2 Where is the institute for Defence Studies and Analysis located?
a. Chennai b. New Delhi c. Bengaluru d. Pune

3 Name the new President of Tanzania?
a. Benjamin Mkapa b. John Salaam c. John Pombe Magufuli d. None of these

4 Servo Surjit Tournament is related with
a. Hockey b. Tennis c. Football d. None of these

5 What is Yutu?
a. Mobile virus b. China’s first lunar rover c. A space mission d. None of these

6 Who has been elected the first women President of Nepal?
a. Bindhya devi Bhandari b. JP Koirala c. Birbhum Singh d. None of these

7 Which Indian state has announced provision of 33% reservation to women in government jobs?
a. Maharashtra b. Andhra Pradesh c. Madhya Pradesh d. Goa

8 With which country has Nepal signed an MoU to ease the fuel crisis?
a. China b. India c. UAE d. Jordan

9 According to the freedom on the Net 2015 report, which country gives maximum freedom to its citizens on internet?
a. China b. Iceland c. Russia d. USA

10 Which state has launched 10 Panipuravatha Sanjeevani Yojana?
a. Assam b. Kerala c. Maharashtra d. Karnataka

11 Where has the eighth edition of National Seed Congress (NSC) begun?
a. Chennai b. Hyderabad c. Guntur d. Bengaluru

12 National unity day is observed on
a. 31st October b. 28th October c. 17th October d. None of these

13 Who is India’s new high commissioner to UK?
a. Vinodh Dhama b. Navtej Singh Sarna c. Supriya Devi d. None of these

14 What is Chapala?
a. Space mission b. An ancient site in Syria c. Cyclone d. A city in Karnataka

15 Many states organised the 15 Run for Unity Marathon on
a. 31st October b. 29th October c. 30th October d. 22nd October

16 Delhi has introduced EC charge. What is the meaning of C in it?
a. Cess b. Commission c. Compensation d. Consumerism

17 Who is the new chairman of Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC)?
a. Najib Shah b. VK Prakash c. Vikram Sarab d. None of these

18 What is the name of naval exercise between Sri Lanka and India?
a. INSRI 2015 b. SLINEX 2015 c. SRIN 2015 d. None of these

19 Which country has topped the best of World Bank’s 2016 ranking of ease of doing business list?
a. India b. China c. Singapore d. Australia

20 Which country’s parliament 20 has passed the cyber security legislation recently?
a. USA b. Poland c. France d. Britain

Honestly, how many were you able to answer?

Here are the answers:

1.Bindeshwar Pathak 2. New Delhi 3. John Pombe Magufuli 4. Hockey 5. China’s first lunar rover 6. Bindhya Devi Bhandari 7. Maharashtra  8. China 9. Iceland 10. Maharashtra 11. Hyderabad 12. 31st October 13. Navtej Singh Sarna 14. Cyclone 15. 31st October 16. Cess 17. Najib Shah 18. SLINEX 2015 19. Singapore 20. USA

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