UPSC to include Third Gender Category for Civil Services Examination

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third gender hijras india upsc application formThe Hijras of India are probably the most well known and populous third sex type in the modern world. There are at least 5 -6 million hijras in India. Image courtesy:

There is a reason to smile for the one section which has been struggling to gain official recognition in various spheres of everyday life. In a groundbreaking ruling the Delhi High Court has directed the central government to immediately take steps towards including the third gender category in UPSC civil services examination.

Though, it was in 2014 that the High Court gave its verdict stating that the third gender category must be included in the UPSC civil services examination. The central government did not take required actions back then but had sought a clarification from the Court saying that the verdict did not mention whether lesbians, gay and bisexuals are transgenders or not.

The court, however, refused to amend the order and clarified that lesbians, gays and bisexuals are not third genders.

It was Advocate Jamshed Ansari who filed a PIL challenging UPSC examinations notice which was released on 23rd May 2015. The notification did not include the third gender as a gender option in the application form for the 2015 UPSC examination.

Now, that the verdict is clear all things seem to fall in place for the gender which has been struggling to receive acceptance in the society.

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