The tuition fees, hostel fees and admission fees for different programs in National Institute of Technology, Calicut is given below:

(a) Institute Fees & Deposits in Rupees

Tuition Fee (per semester) 7500 ...
Tuition Fee for Foreign Students
& Dependants of NRIs (per year)
US$4000 ...
Tuition Fee for Students under
DASA Scheme*
US$4000 ...
Contribution to Institute Growth
Fund (per semester)
750 ...
Admission Fee (at the time of admission) 200 ...
Special Fee (per year) 600 ...
Miscellaneous Fee (per year) 200 ...
Fee for recognition of qualifying
examination (one time)
100 ...
Registration Enrollment fee (per sem) 200 ...
Examination Fee (per sem) 350 ...
Sports Amenities Fee (one time) 300 ...
Training & Placement Fee (one time) 300 ...
Amenities Fee (per year) 300 ...
Magazine Fee (per year) 75 ...
Caution Deposit (one time) ... 1000
Caution Deposit by Foreign
Students and NRIs (one time)
... 2000

* Foreign Nationals from SAARC Countries shall have to pay $2000 only.

In addition, a sum of Rs.50/-for Departmental Association Membership,Rs.250/-for Parent Teacher Association, Rs.50/- towards Membership Fee for Student Chapter of the Alumni Association, Rs.150/- as contribution to Institute Silver Jubilee Endowment Trust and Rs.12/- towards Membership of Co-operative Society, will have to be paid at the time of admission. Further, Rs.50/- will have to be paid by the students of B.Arch. programme towards Annual Membership Fee for National Association of Students of Architecture.

(b) Hostel Fees & Deposits in Rupees



Cost of Application Form



Miscellaneous Fee (one time)



Hostel Staff Welfare Fund (one time)



Student Amenities/Welfare Fund
(one time)



Mess Deposit (one time)



Furniture Deposit (one time)






Furniture Deposit for SC/ST students from Kerala is Rs.750/- and SC/ST students from Kerala are exempted from paying the Mess Deposit.

Total Amount to be Paid at the Time of Admission to NIT Calicut
All the General Candidates, dependants of NRIs and candidates under DASA Scheme have to pay the fees due for the first and second semesters of the programme and the deposits at the time of admission. SC/ST candidates from Kerala have to pay the fees due for the first semester of the programme and the deposits at the time of admission. The total amount to be paid by different categories of candidates is given below.

Category of students



All General Candidates



SC/ ST from Kerala

Rs. 5637

Rs. 1500

NRI/ Foreign
(for two semesters)

US $4000 +Rs. 8437


DASA Scheme
(for two semesters)

US$4000 + RS.8437


  1. All the candidates need pay only the amount which exceeds the initial payment made at the Processing Institution.
  2. The above figures are given for general guidance and are subject to change.
    Tuition fee for each subsequent semester is payable in one installment on the dates notified by the Institute Authorities from time to time. There is provision for paying full tuition fee at the time of admission.
For Candidates Nominated to other NITs
A candidate nominated for admission at any other NIT has to pay the fees prevailing in that Institution. However, at the time of selection, all such candidates have to pay an initial fee of Rs.5000/-(Rs 2000/-for SC/ST) at NITC, which will be adjusted against the fee to be paid at the corresponding NIT at the time of admission. This amount will not be refunded in any case. Candidates are advised to refer to the respective NIT website for the exact amount of fees to be paid by students to different NITs.

Withdrawal of Admission
Any student who withdraws admission before the closing date of admission for the year is eligible for the refund of the Deposits only. Fees once paid will not be refunded on any account. Once the admission for the year is closed, withdrawal of admission is governed by the following provisions.
i) A student who wants to leave the Institute for good, for taking admission elsewhere and such other reasons, will be permitted to do so and take TC from the Institute, only after remitting the tuition fees as applicable for all the remaining semesters and clearing other dues, if any.
ii) Those students who have collected any scholarship, stipend or other forms of assistance from the Institute shall repay all such amounts with interest.

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