dear sir i am currently teaching in a school , earlier i was teaching colleges for 8 years. i am BTech(IT) , MTech(CS) , and MA(EDU) . my problem is that i did Btech in family pressure and then MTech to stay into the job. i did MA(EDU) out of interest as i am most interested in humanties. although i love teaching but today in school teaching is only 30% rest is clerical work. i want to change my career/my subject area . also i am not satisfied with my income so i want to do a course which will help me to earn a living and of my interest. please help me to choose a line : 1. what are the career options after doing MA(EDU) for me ? 2. should i do a counselling course , as i am interested in it and can i pursue it as an alternative career and help people and increase my income? 3. is online course sufficient to start own independent practice as counselor or a MA(psychology) degree is needed for that ? please reply , i will be very thank full to you.