My brother passsd in 59% from OEC (BPUT) B.Tech in Computer and is facing a lot of problems in company recruitments coz he had a 2nd division score 11years back 2002. Mine is 56% this year in 2013 and is choosing to take up architecture as a career so am i going to face the same problem of rejection? My (P/C/M) average is 47% and total is 56%. So are they gonna ask me that why i got poor marks in +2? I still have an option for CBSE Improvement Exam 2014 which will add up my current marks but everybody is insisting not to drop for a year and also affect in interview. So should i move on with my 56/47% for b.arch or should I drop for a year and study for CBSE inprovement exam? Also imlrovement exam brings a gap of 1yr in certificate year and gear of passing and that can be aan issue too. Also i have heard that i have to produce both my improved and oregional certificates all together and that is a con again.again.Please suggest me that should i drop a year or move on for higher studies?