want to know pls ,after doing 12th science pcb ,if I chose paramedical field,namely physiotherapy or occupational therapy,better I do it in usa or india if so ,suggest me colleges in Maharashtra.If better scope abroad,then suggest me good uni., is it ok if I do BPT in india and then proceed to usa for further studies,cos I heard people say that u must go to usa from first yr itself,going later on no use ,degree in india is not counted. I have heard students doing BPT,IN INDIA also MPT AND THEN TO PRACTICE in usa they have to give licence exam,even after that do u have to study there further or can practice there,pls give detail abt the licence exam procedure and finally what is best for me,as unlike others I don't have financial problem,i have been to usa twice,my moms sister stays in massachussets. pls advise the best for me.Parents worried to send me usa at young age prefer sending me for masters.thank u