I want to ask that if i choose architecture as a career then will that be a fair decision? I'm an underscorer and secured p/c/m aggregate of 47 % and a total of 54% in +2 science CBSE. Im poor in maths and i guess can not cope with the stress of engineering so i chose to something nearby like architecture. Like there was & is always a rush for engineering , comapritively there is less demand of architecture in india. Somehow the engineers manages themselves to fit in a company vut architectures? Are there are jobs or they are self employed? Do they have an employer and a company in their CV? Or they just run behind companies for presenting designs and plans. Like there is 100% placements in Engg colages are there any instances of 100% recruitments in architecture stream? And what about the pay scale is it somewhat higher than average engineers or lower? What type of workload will be there?Will i have to work in building site or in office premices?Are there enough companies to recruit?