i am totally confused for my future!! i am very much intrested in fashion & all my friends,teachers,relatives suggest me to take art or fd as my career field but my parents are expecting somthing else from me i am good at art ,sketching & have a very good fashion sense. at this age people come to me & take advices & ask me to give them some sketches which are in trend !! i love glamor world but my father is against it , he is a very supportive person & even ask me to take that stream which i want! but if i wish to be an air hostess he would refuse why? i don't know maybe he think modelling,acting is not safe or maybe he think about the so-called relatives how ironic ! well right now i am in class 10 & want to do something belonging to fashion which would help me in my future can i do that along my 11th is there any scope? i want to learn more so is ther any way to complete my 11th & 12th & study fashion side by side basically i want to be a fashion designer & an air hostess as well