Hello<br/><br/>Please read all below, its very important.<br/><br/>I am unable to sleep bcoz of this question is on my mind so asking the same here midnight. I am India based student I got my first PC in 2007 when i didnand#146;t knew a single thing about computers and now i know every basic thing of PC. I built my own PC last year and can basically handle any computer, but just basically. I donand#146;t know any of the programming stuff. I know every software runs on its source code i think. I am also a gamer, i have played a lot of games on PC, i have knowledge on gfx cards as well as cpu but again i have the same knowledge on softwares as well. Just understand i can assemble any pc and capable of operating windows, mac and ubuntu easilly. Also i am too addictive to computers that it stays on always with me in front unless any power cut occurs. Also my marks in other subjects are not good, Science(PCM) and Commerce (Accounts, Economics and Business Studiers) in 12th.<br/><br/>I am just making myself clear here for good answers.<br/><br/><br/>Now the thing is my parents wants me to take admission in BCA (Bachelors in computer application) with side by side GNIIT 3 years course as they thinks my future is in computers only.<br/>Now BCA is a software course and i am not fully confident if i can do programming or not and in GNIIT, software sideand#146;s syllabus is mostly same as BCA but i am still uncertain if i am capable of doing such programming. Now GNIIT also giving me option to go for either software or hardware, now they confused me again. I donand#146;t know for which work i have been made for. I just wants to get a real job and help my parents. With job i remember i used to work for a firm called IOLO as a virtual assistant. It was an easy job, all i had to do is help the customer with the installation of the software on their PC. If i help any of my friend with their common PC issues, they simply says "you are the best"<br/><br/>Please help me with your good answers so i can clear my mind.<br/><br/>Thank you