Sir/Madam, I am the resident of Mumbai and I gave my HSC exam in the month of March. I am from Maharashtra Board. I was facing some serious health issues in which sometimes I can't get up and walk or move. Because of this I missed my Maths Exam of HSC in March. I talked to my college (K.J somaiya college of science and commerce) they told me you can give in the month of July. My result came in June and it was mentioned 'Failed' though I wasn't fail I was absent. Now because of that no college is giving me admission. There is provisional admission procedure until results come which I came to know about. But no college in Mumbai is ready to give Provisional Admission. I requested that 'If I fail to pass the exam in July, the college has the right to remove me from their college'. My SSC score was 90.80% There is no such rule for students who suddenly gets some issue with their health during exams? I will get a drop if I didn't get any college and I don't want that. This is so depressive.