Hi. Need your help in planning my future career. I completed my B.E. in 2011 and was recruited in INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES.In infosys i completed 6 months of training in JAVA and was finally posted to production. However initial 6 months i was on bench without any work. And after that too i was not doing any technical work as in development and all. Was mainly doing support and maintenance work. But now its high time for me to plan something for me. I am weak in technical languages. Though i attended 6 months of training in JAVA i still struggle in it. I realized that it would be very dufficult for me if i choose to be in this technical field. Also i have a liking for database a lot. I mean its easier for me to play with the database than to do coding and all. I am trying to prepare myself for the first switch to another company. I want to make a career in database as i think it is my cup of coffee. Can you please help me in how should i go about it ?? Thanks.