I am a 22 year old girl whose is going to graduate as a Telecommunication Engineer this year.M so happy for it as I like telecom a lot. i really have interest in it. but nowadays I feel like entering into a medical field. i mostly think why i feel like this is since school i madly loved biology and accordingly i did take biology for 11th and 12th.i did get rank in medical(2,785) too but however that RANK WASN'T ENOUGH TO GET Into a government medical college so i ended choosing telecom.as i was going into my engineering academics i started to have interest in telecom and i was happy however now i am like again feeling bad for not choosing medical as my career option. Is there any way now i can do medical at my PG level and not wasting my 4 years engineering. i didn't choose to be engineer so that i can earn a lot of money but i chose it mainly because there's lot more to learn in it.same way why medical means i would say the same.i donno what m thinking now is right or wrong??