i have opted for b.sc physics with computer applications i.e it is with b.sc physics and b.sc maths with computer applications.i.e mathematical based computer applications.for iit jam exam we need fullfill some criteria like 55%marks in b.sc and 2 years of maths and 3 years of physics.mine is little bit different from pure physics. 1st semester: Mechanics and Properties of Matter Allied Paper I ??? Maths I 2nd semester:Thermal Physics and Acoustics Syllabus Allied Paper II ??? -Maths II 3rd semester:Optics Basic Electronics Data Structures Object oriented Programming using C++ 4th semester:Atomic Physics Elective I ??? Integrated Electronics Operating System Database Management Systems Using Visual Basic 5th semester:Nuclear and Particle Physics Solid State Physics Discrete Mathematics Programming in Java 6th semester:Electricity and Electromagnetism Relativity & Quantum Mechanics Elective II ??? Microprocessor Fundamentals tell me am i eligible for taking exam and seat in iit