Jodo Institute is the first IT training company that offers
competitive Course Fees Structure for Boot Camp Courses, for making it more
accessible to both Indian & foreign students, professionals, Corporate
companies, as well as Business men’s. 
It also has customized training facilities for corporate world.


Our Boot Camps are especially designed to cater the needs of
students and professionals, who are longing for International Certification
within a stipulated time frame.

For IT professional, International Certification has
become a baseline. Many companies look for people certified in the technologies
they are working on. Because, it’s a reassurance to the company that the person
has in-depth knowledge, since it’s been verified by the technology creator.

Thus, certifications are an excellent way to prove one’s
credential. Jodo Institute offers boot camps for professionals as well
as beginners. Our Regular Track
courses have been designed for beginners and Fast
courses have been designed for professional.

Unique Features of Jodo Institute Boot Camp:

  • Real life exposure – Experience practical aspect along with

  • Intensive Training and Exposure to Live Server, Live IP, Live Domain.

  • Certified Trainers with years of Industry Experience.

  • Personalized attention for each student.

  • Affordable and economic ~ Asked by gurmeet , On: Jul 16, 2007