I did my btech in cse from SRM univ chennai, and im not happy with the job offers ive had recently, with respect to the salary i had thought when i first decided to do engg. Before going for engg in SRM i also thought of doing game design as my first choice but wasnt sure. People kept telling me it wont earn me enough compared to engg. So i decided to do engg as most people in this country. Now i somewhat regret that decision as most company will offer 2 to 2.5 package doing something that i dont really like much. So i thought about doing what i previously had in mind. I looked up for AIGA game designing 1 year course with 2 lakh fees. Ive been beating my head around the internet to make this decision. So my question is should i do this ? It will basically mean wasting the 4 years in engg and money. Will it earn me enough? I know i have good skills in drawing better than almost everyone ive known in my life and im all about gaming, thats all i do. So wrt salary should i join AIGA ?