Serious Ragging is going on in 'Padmanava College of Engineering, Rourkela'
which is situated at Sector-4 in Rourkela is the worst of all the engineering colleges in Orissa. 

Following are the points which shows the actual ugly picture of this college.

1) If you are taking new admission, then the college principal will go on leave for 1 month so that Registrar takes all the controls of taking admissions and the Registrar will beg for donation from each of the Student's parents in multiples of  thousands rupees like 10K,20K,30K etc.

2) And If you have got admitted through OPECA, then you are sure to be screwed by this college administration. The Registrar will force you to take a fresh admission under management quota in college (by saying that they are not gonna admit any students admitted through OPECA), so that they can get donations. Recently this has happened with 2006 batch of students.

3) Apart from this you will be forced to by a new laptop from college (which will surely cost you more(around 15K more), even though you need it or not.

4) While taking admission you and your father will be asked to sign a undertaking form (which is actually xerox of a type letter) which says that you have to pay the amount of fees which the college decides.  There is one more point to note that, if by some how you want to leave that college (suppose you get admission in better college or want to reappear for AIEEE again after seeing  severe ragging in college or anything else), then college will ask you to pay the fees for remaining years also (even though there is no rule in any of the Universities like this), otherwise your  College Leaving Certificate (CLC) will not be released.  Also to prove this, college admin is saying that Its the rule made by private colleges and this rule is abided by the universities, but when asked they refuse to give it in writing (if asked).

5) There is no control of College authorities over the senior students and ragging.  Ragging is at the top level in this college.  Raggers picks up the juniors even from their class-rooms for ragging.  In the hostels, it is worse than college.  The hostel superintendant is also indulged with the senior students. 

Senior have also set-up some 15 rules for juniors to follow

 a) Juniors should always keeps staring at the 3rd button on the shirt.  The buttons should be tighened upto neck.
If some junior forgets to do this, senior girls will slap them in front of all college students.

 b) If some senior comes infront of juniors, then junior students should bend upto 90 degrees to salute the seniors.

 c) Juniors should remove their hair, mustache and maintain their face clean with shave and without hair on head. ~ Asked by Deepak Yadav, On: Nov 29, 2006