Play safe, keep all your options open: CBSE 2009 topper
Posted 2 days ago by Pritika Ghura Mathematics: 100/100
Physics: 99/100
Chemistry: 99/100
English: 98/100
Biology: 96/100

Overall percentage: 98.4%

Scoring a 98.4 in X11th is a dream for most students, but Mrittika Sen from Mumbai had it in her to turn her dreams into reality.

An aspiring doctor, Sen believes that one should follow his heart while choosing a career. In a chat with Pritika Ghura, she defines her success mantra and strategy for class X11 students.

Q1) What are you doing currently?

Ans) I am pursuing MBBS from Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital from Mumbai. It is the best medical college in Mumbai. I aspire to become a doctor and I hope to fulfill my dreams.

Q2) Which all entrance exams did you take when you were in class 12th?

Ans) Like everyone, I took all the admission tests that students of science stream take. From IIT-JEE, AIEEE to BITSAT and AIPMT, I took exams of all the fields of science - engineering, medical and architecture. As I was not sure what to do after class Xth, I thought of playing it safe and keeping my options open. I got a call from IIT Kharagpur for architecture, and electric and electronic engineering from BITS Pliani. I scored a decent rank in AIEEE and got a call from National Institute of Rourkela. While I was trying to make up my mind, AIPMT results were declared. I scored 297 all-India rank, and since I had an interest in medicine I took admission in Seth GS Medical College.

Q3) What was your success mantra?

Ans) For me getting your basics right is very important. Most of the students join the rat race to join IITs, NITs, BITSAT, etc and in an attempt to score a good rank in IIT-JEE and AIEEE, they ignore CBSE boards. But, I gave lot of importance to school education and spend a lot of time in getting my concepts right from the NCERT books. Usually, a student is not very sure after class Xth on what he wants to do in life. It could be engineering, medical or architecture, hence giving some time to school syllabi will help in scoring well in exams and eventually taking a decision.

I never studied more than three to four hours on school days, but I did practice a lot. I had also enrolled myself in PACE to get that extra help.

Q4) What tips will you give to students who are awaiting their class XII results. What should be their strategy?

Ans) It is very important to keep all your options open. Everyone wants to get into IIT, AIIMs, NITs, but it is very important to understand that entrance exams are very dicey and not everyone can ace them. What you score in these entrance exams just does not depend on your performance, but on others performance as well. Hence, one must have other alternative options.

Also, it is very important to follow your heart. One must pursue a course of your interest and aptitude then only will you experience the joy of learning.

Talking about her experience, Sen says that since she had an interest in Chemistry and was not sure about how she will fare in competitive exams, she had also applied for BA (Hons) in Chemistry in St Stephens, just in caseĀ…

Q5) Any advice to students who will take class XII exams next year?

Ans) Please concentrate on your school curriculum. Pay attention to NCERT books and get your basics right. Set a timetable and devote equal time for all subjects. Study regularly and don’t get stressed out thinking about exams. One must remember that there is life beyond engineering and medicine, and one must not lose heart if you fail to make it to premier colleges as there are thousands of career options to choose from.

Q6) Do you think it is difficult for science students to score well in CBSE Class X11 exams as they have to prepare for entrance exams also?

Ans) It is very difficult for students to manage time for both entrance exams and CBSE Boards. Pattern for both exams is very different. While