sir/madem i'm v. sivaranjan reddy from anantapur. i'm studying 3rd b_tech cse branch in srit collage in anantapur. sir/madem my parents are very poor people, they told to me "you must stop u r education because we dnt have much amout of money to pay u r bus fee and hostel fee" sir/madem my collage fee is paid by andhra government by the proces of fee re 10 marks % is90 and +2%is89 if u dnt mind can u tell me please any scholarships or any jobs are available for me. i'm a full of hord working student. my parents are take a lone fron sbi bank for my studies but bank peoples are pressure to my parents to pay the intrest for their money. PLEASE HELP ME SIR/MADEM THANK U ur'sobediently v.siva ranjan reddy my email addres is mx phone number is 9573841600.